Saturday, 27 February 2010

750 Free PC Games

Hello all, I have a favour to ask.

I'm compiling a list of 750 freeware games for Windows systems and I would like as many suggestions as you're willing to give. I'd like to keep my reasoning hushed for now, but let it be known that anybody that helps won't go unnoticed. You'll be credited for your contribution if all goes as planned.

Please see this Google document for the list I have so far. You may suggest games already shown there as it'll reinforce their inclusion.

If you want to help out, please leave a list in a comment below. Games should be separated with a line break and no other separators, with the names cased/spaced as their creators do so. Games starting with "The" should have that word put at the end separated with a comma (eg The Game becomes Game, The).

On another note, SohoPogoHo is now complete. You can play it on Game Jolt or YYG. I will likely be taking a break from solo game making - I've a couple of duo projects on the go. Otherwise, I've lost the desire to make games myself. It'll come back one day I'm sure, but for now I'm done.

Last thing: a friend have almost finished writing the third instalment to her unpublished book series Jocasta Lizzbeth Moonshadow, and is contemplating changing its subtitle. Its current one is "The Secrets Were Spilling at the Seams" but she is thinking of shortening it to "Secrets". If you have any opinions on the matter, please leave a comment on her journal here:

Anyway, that's it for now. See y'all next time. Please, please, please leave a comment with as many freeware PC games as you know!


  1. Warfare 1917
    Warfare 1944
    Last Stand 1 & 2

  2. I'd love to help out but I'm lazy.

  3. Thanks again for the plug =P

    Have you considered asking Ben? He could probably give you a list of all of the uploaded games on S9. If that helps... :3

  4. I didn't see it on the list, even though all the other ones I told you made it. Thanks.

  5. and It's called Dissipate

  6. Thought I would also ask how you planned to structure it. You going to do do it all alphabetical or are you going to section them off into the different types of games (shoot 'em ups, story based, strategy, etc)?

    Anyway, if you need any help with anything, you know where I can be found. :3

  7. @Rebecca They'll be listed alphabetically. What I'd like to do is number each entry, giving it an ID, then after the main listings, add some pages for stuff like "Genres", where I'll then list each genre and all the IDs that go under it. I'm sure. Also, thanks for the help offer. I'm sure if nothing else I can keep asking if there's anything crap about what's done so far :P

    @3d At the moment I'm having to decide on a few things, work out qualities etc. Since I may be shortening the list to 501, it leaves room for a sequel, so if your game doesn't make it into the first book, don't worry too much, it'll probably be in the second.

  8. I suggest Grappl.